Top 10 Reax

Well, my first shot at the first 10 picks of the draft is on the site. In case you missed it, you can check it here or I’ll re-print it now:

1. Devil Rays: David Price
2. Royals: Rick Porcello
3. Cubs: Josh Vitters
4. Pirates: Daniel Moskos
5. Orioles: Ross Detwiler
6. Nationals: Phillipe Aumont
7. Brewers: Jarrod Parker
8. Rockies: Matt Dominguez
9. Diamondbacks: Mike Moustakas
10. Giants: Andrew Brackman

OK, so what have been the picks that have drawn the most reaction? You certainly can post comments below and keep the dialogue going until I update next week, but here are a few things I know that I didn’t put into the story or didn’t know at the time.

1. Royals and Porcello. Based purely on the evaluation of talent, the Royals (at least some of them) have David Price No. 1 and Rick Porcello  No. 2. Yes, they’ve spent money in the past few drafts. They also spent a lot of money during the offseason, so they might end up trying to save a little. I’m not ready to take Porcello off this spot yet because they could very well pull the trigger on him. But a cheaper college arm — who also could get to Kansas City faster, presumably — may end up happening here.

2. Pirates and Moskos. I’ll be honest. At this point, I don’t think they take Moskos here. The problem is, I don’t have any idea who they do take. Taking a college lefty just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, especially one who people may not be 100 percent convinced can be a starter. Do you really want a setup guy or closer at No. 4 overall? I wouldn’t, but that’s just me. There are some very good high school arms available, but the Pirates have had some trouble/bad luck with the health of young arms. They really want a bat. Maybe they can send subliminal messages to the Cubs about Jarrod Parker.

3. Mike Moustakas. His stock has gone up about as much as anyone’s and you might see him move up a few notches to No. 7 next week. The one caveat: Word on the street is that his bonus demands are extremely high and some aren’t sure what position he’ll play. How those variables play out will be very interesting.

4. The Nats. Still to me the most interesting team to watch simply because of all the people involved in the decision-making. Keep in mind, they have four picks in the sandwich round and 2nd round so even if they don’t go for the "big splash" with this top pick, they’ll be able to collect a nice amount of talent. With the Max Scherzer wild card thrown in, we may not know exactly what’s going on here for a while.

5. Matt Wieters. Finally, a chat about the biggest name not on my top 10. Frankly, there just wasn’t a fit for him there. There are some teams who’ll probably look at him as they realize he’ll be there (trust me, they already know), but will they pull the trigger knowing what the asking price may be. He’s come on lately, but his performance for much of the season has been very uneven, making some even more hesitant. There’s been a lot of talk that he and Andrew Brackman will be this year’s Drew and Weaver (The main problem with that scenario is that Weaver was FAR more polished than Brackman. His slide was all about money, while with Brackman there are some actual on-the-mound concerns). Anyway, stay tuned to see where I think Wieters will land, but at the end of the day, I don’t think it will be in the top 10.


Thanks for the up-to-date reports on these players. It is too bad that Mike Moustakas has very high bonus demands. Your draft slot depends on your potential, your make-up, and your bonus demands. Ask for too much money and all of a sudden teams start questioning your personality, and you find yourself going to college or junior college. I never like to see players pass up $1 Million as a first rounder. But it happens every year.

Back in 2004 a player named Michael Taylor had 1st round tools. But he committed to Stanford, priced himself too high, and did not even get drafted. After three tough years in the Pac-10, I see him being drafted no earlier than the 7th-12th round. But he does have a quality education that will help him now and when his playing days are over.

Do you have any info on who the Dodgers have been looking at or wanting with the 20th pick? With a new scouting director in Tim Hallgren, are they still going to heavily favor the high school route?

Where do you see the RHP Ryan Tatusko from Indiana State going? He seems to have what it takes to go pro. Just wondering what you thought.

Thanks and good luck to all draftee’s.

Do you think that any team in the top ten draft picks has a chance to win the World Series in the next 5 years.

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