Draft rumblings

Just a quick update from things going on over the past few days.

Draft wild card Max Scherzer, who is still technically under the control of the Arizona Diamondbacks, started again on Friday for the indy league Fort Worth Cats. And reports were very positive. While he wasn’t pumping 97, 98 mph fastballs in like he did last time out, he was at 93-94 mph with good command. More intriguingly, Scherzer was featuring what one scout graded as a plus changeup, a pitch he had not shown at all in the past. Many teams, including the Diamondbacks, were there to see the performance. Of course, with each good outing, the price tag could go up making it more difficult for Arizona to get a deal done. If he re-enters the draft, I don’t see him getting out of the top 10, with Washington at No. 6 looking like a very good home. He doesn’t officially go back into the draft pool until May 31.

On the high school front, circle Wednesday on your calendar if you’re in southern California. That’s when top-seeded Chatsworth High school, with Matt Dominguez and Mike Moustakas — both expected to be high first-round pick — plays its first Los Angeles City Playoff game. They play at 3 p.m. PT on Wednesday; a win would give them a game on Friday. The championship will be played next week in Dodger Stadium, an excellent time to see two high-profile players on a very big stage.

Got this comment on the last post from npurcell:
Do you have any info on who the Dodgers have been looking at or wanting
with the 20th pick? With a new scouting director in Tim Hallgren, are
they still going to heavily favor the high school route?

I’m working on my first projection of picks 1-20 (I did 1-10 last week). That will be up on Wednesday, so be sure to check out Draft Central. Today, we’ve got a breakdown on the top catchers in the class, if anyone’s interested. I will say this. Just because there’s a new scouting director does not mean that Logan White still isn’t overseeing the draft. And while he’s, on occasion, not gone the high school route, I think there will be some good high school arms for the Dodgers to choose from at No. 20.

More later…

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Will the LA City Playoff game be televised?

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