Another signing

The San Diego Padres got into the act on Wednesday  night, signing the "other" top draft-and-follow who would’ve been an early draft pick on June 7 had he re-entered. The Padres announced they had come to terms with Matt Latos, their 11th round pick from a year ago.

Latos had pitched incredibly well for Broward CC this year, showing a lot more consistency than he had as a senior in high school. Rumors earlier in the day were that the two sides were very far apart, but evidently not too far to come to an agreement.

Still nothing on the Scherzer front. There’s about 2 hours to the deadline at this point and there was some talk the sides were still having discussions and there was some movement in a positive direction in terms of coming to an agreement. It may be too little too late, but we likely won’t know until midnight.


jonathan, i was just wondering when the draft tracker for this year was going to be posted?

It’s looking like it should be up at some point on Monday, June 4, assuming there aren’t any last-minute issues with it.

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