A right turn at Albuquerque

With almost all high school action over and done with, the All-American Baseball Game in New Mexico yesterday (Monday) was a nice bonus. The rosters were full of top draft names from the high school ranks. Just who stood out and who didn’t? I talked to an area scout who attended the game for some details.

First off, several of the "big" names weren’t there. Rick Porcello (and his 2 Seton Hall prep teammates) wasn’t in attendance because they’re still involved in the playoffs in New Jersey. Fellow northeasteners Matt Harvey and Jack McGeary didn’t come, either. Josh Vitters was a no-show as well. Still, there were plenty of players to talk about. Tim Alderson took home MVP honors for his work on the mound and at the plate. His future is in the former as the tall right-hander was the star of the Horizon High School team that won the state title in Arizona. The stadium gun had him at 97 mph, but scouts had him comfortably at 95 and he was perfect through two innings. His name has been mentioned in the latter stages of the first round and no later than the sandwich round.

There were some "lesser lights" who certainly fared well. Cole Cook, who was at the Cape Cod High School Classic last summer, was very impressive in his stint. The 6-foot-6 Palisades High School standout hasn’t been mentioned highly at all because he’s evidently made it known he’s not going to sign and will head to Pepperdine in the fall. Another nice surprise was Miami area RHP Iden Nazario, who just blew people away when he was on the mound.

On the flip side, a couple of toolsy outfielders didn’t do anything to stand out. Kentrail Davis wasn’t bad, but didn’t really do anything to separate himself. Eric Eiland looked lost and struggled at the plate. Wendell Fairley, on the other hand, did show some impressive skills…

Less than 48 hours away now…Be sure to check out MLB.com Wednesday night/early Thursday morning for one last shot at projecting the first round.

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