Movement near the top

I’m at the airport waiting to go to Orlando for the big day and wanted to report on some movement near the top of the draft.

Not at No. 1 — that’s going to be David Price as expected. I’m talking at No. 2. I’ve learned the Kansas City Royals will most likely not take Rick Porcello with that selection and instead will go with a high school bat from California.

They’ve got two guys even on their board: Cypress High School’s Josh Vitters and Chatsworth High’s Mike Moustakas. It could go either way, with KC valuing both equally. The ball is in the players’ courts. Whichever player shows the Royals he wants to join their organization is likely to be the direction the Royals go in.

As for Porcello, his ability is not in question. He’s good enough to go No. 2 and there are even some scouts who’d consider taking him No. 1. But his bonus demands, especially for a high school right-handed pitcher — the biggest risk pick there is — could very well force him to slide really far…maybe even as far as the University of North Carolina…

Stay tuned as things heat up. Talk to everyone from Orlando!


I hope he slides far enough so that the rangers can grab him at 16. They’ve never had a huge problem with boras clients

How about a slide to the last pick NYY. He and Prep Alum Eric Duncan can buddy up….

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