August 2007

I can’t stay away

OK, so the plan was to let this blog lie dormant until we got into 2008, but I had so much fun during the deadline period, I’m going to try to update it with amateur happenings over the course of the summer, etc. For now, though, I thought I’d share with you how I look at the MLB standings. Most baseball fans look at it to see who’s in first place and who’s in the playoff hunt. Sure, that’s neat, but I’ve got a backwards view of things. I see it in terms of draft order. So as of this moment (4:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday), this is my standings:

  1. Tampa Bay     47-77    .379
  2. Pittsburgh       53-70     .431
  3. Cincinnati      54-70    .435
  4. Texas            54-69    .439
  5. San Francisco 55-70    .440
  6. Chicago (AL)  55-69    .444
  7. Kansas City    55-69    .444
  8. Florida           56-69    .448
  9. Washington    56-69    .448
  10. Houston         56-69    .448
  11. Baltimore       57-65    .467
  12. St. Louis        59-62    .488
  13. Oakland         62-64    .492
  14. Minnesota      62-62    .500
  15. Colorado        63-61    .508
  16. Toronto         63-61    .508
  17. Milwuakee     64-61    .512
  18. Chicago (NL)  63-60    .512
  19. LA (NL)         64-60    .516
  20. Atlanta         66-59    .528
  21. Philly            65-58    .528
  22. San Diego     66-57    .537
  23. Detroit         67-57    .540
  24. Cleveland     68-55    .553
  25. NY (AL)        70-55    .560
  26. Arizona        71-55    .563
  27. NY (NL)        70-53    .569
  28. Seattle         70-52    .574
  29. LA (AL)        73-51    .589
  30. Boston         75-50    .600

Obviously, this is less than official. Ties aren’t broken here and so much can change with free agent signings in the offseason. But for those of you who see things through draft-colored glasses, this might make some sense to you.

I’ll try to be back soon with some stuff on possible draftees for the Class of 2008 in the near future…

Late-round interest

Trying to tidy up here — some later signings/non-signings that are of interest…

  • The Nats signed 6th-rounder Jack McGeary. They’ll let the New England lefty go to Stanford and play for the org in between, according to reports. I don’t care how you slice it, the Nats flat out got it done in this draft.
  • While the Padres were a little disappointed in not sigining Tommy Toledo and, to a lesser extent, Christian Colon (they thought he’d be a tougher sign), they did come to terms with ninth-rounder Wynn Pelzer. Pelzer came into the year as one of the more intriguing closing candidates but had a bad year at South Carolina. The stuff is there, if the Pads can get it harnessed, this could be a nice get.
  • You have to feel for the Houston Astros. They didn’t even have a pick until the third round, then the weren’t able to sign their top two picks in rounds 3 and 4. No pressure on you, fifth rounder Colin DeLome.
  • Meant to mention this one a while ago. With all the talk about Mike Moustakas for the Royals, they made a quiet signing a couple of days ago, bringing 31st-round pick Keaton Hayenga into the fold. Normally, that wouldn’t matter much to most, but Hayenga was a pretty hot prospect in the Pacific Northwest and could’ve gone as high as the third round if he hadn’t hurt his shoulder.
  • Two Scott Boras clients who did not sign — Matt Harvey. A top talent who went in the third round to the Angels, they didn’t get close enough to get that done. So Harvey will become a Tar Heel in North Carolina. I’m told Julio Borbon didn’t sign with the Rangers, either. He was a sandwich pick and is the only player of the first 64 picks of the 2007 draft not to sign.

Well, folks, I believe that’s all she wrote for the draft deadline coverage. I’ll have an analysis piece on tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for checking in so frequently. Remember, the 2008 draft is less than 10 months away!


Quite a flurry, eh?

Vitters signed for $3.2 million — that had to be impacted by Moustakas, no?

Our friends at Baseball America reported that Matt Wieters did sign in the end, for $6 million.

So all 30 first-rounders signed. Only sandwich pick I’m waiting to hear about is Julio Borbon.

Moustakas and Vitters are done!

Last minute shopping, folks.

Mike Moustakas has signed with the Royals. Bonus is believed to be $4 million, a nice chunk above slot.

Vitters, perhaps  waiting for that bit of news, is done as well.

8 minutes and counting

Almost done now…whither Josh Vitters? And will there be any last-minute movement from Moustakas or Wieters…stay tuned.

Parker is a D-Back

For those of you waiting on those final first-rounders, Jarrod Parker has finally agreed to terms with the Arizona Diamondbacks. He was the No. 9 overall pick, and the first high school arm selected in the draft. No info on bonus yet, but will be back when I find out more.

I’m back — word is it was a $2.1 million bonus.

Will the Moose be loose?

With David Price now signed, sealed and delivered to Tampa, No. 2 pick Mike Moustakas remains the highest name on the board still unsigned. And it’s looking like it might stay that way.

From what I’ve heard, the Royals and the Moustakas camp are not discussing anything at the moment. It appears that the Royals may have put their best offer on the table and it’s now up to the player and his agent to decide. And all signs point, at least right now, to Moustakas walking away from the offer.

But it seems like he won’t then head to fulfill his commitment to USC. Instead, he’ll opt for the junior college route so he can re-enter the draft in 2008. There’s still about 2 1/4 hours to go before the deadline, and anything can happen with a Boras client, but this is looking like one first-rounder who is not going to sign.

No. 1 is done

I refuse to use some kind of Price play on words…

But David Price has signed with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. The details were figured out by around 5 p.m. ET. Here are the terms for the  No. 1 overall pick:

It’s a Major League deal that covers six years (2007-2012) and a total package of $11.25 million. The signing bonus is $5.6 million. Within the contract are minor league salaries that add up to $2.9 million and Major League salaries dding up to $5.65 million. A total of $8.5 million (the bonus plus the minor leaugue salaries) are guaranteed.

That only leaves No. 2 pick Mike Moustakas, No. 3 Josh Vitters, No. 5 pick Matt Wieters, No. 9 Jarrod Parker and No. 12 Matt Dominguez (I apologize for the earlier oversight) as unsigned of the top 30 picks.

Aumont Seattle-bound

No. 11 overall pick Phillippe Aumont has agreed to terms with the Seattle Mariners. The bonus is for $1.9 million. The Canadian right-hander will receive 100K less than No. 10 pick Madison Bumgarner and about 200K above the suggested 2007 slot — more or less what the estimated slot was in 2006.

Pheelin’ groovy

Not exactly marquee signings, but the Phils did end up signing two later-round guys. One, Julian Sampson, could have gone much higher, but slid to the 12th round because of some uneven performances and a commitment to the University of Washington. But the Phillies got it done for a reported $390,000. They also signed OF Cedric Johnson, their 19th round pick. He’s got a pair of brothers playing pro ball right now — Elliot’s with the Devil Rays and Leon’s with the Cubs.

It does not seem likely that the Phillies will sign their third rounder, Brandon Workman. He was deemed to be a bit of a tough sign to begin with because of a strong commitment to the University of Texas. Turns out to be true — Philly’s extended as much of an offer as they’re going to make, or so it seems — and it looks like Workman’s going to turn it down and head to Austin instead.