Dusting off the cobwebs

Remember that line in the movie "Aladdin," when the genie comes out of the lamp for the first time and says something like, "Oy, 10,000 years will give you such a crick in the neck!"

Well, it’s been two months and I need to find the equivalent of a blog chiropractor. I’m dusting off the ol’ Geeking blog because the draft signing deadline is fast approaching. Between now and 11:59.59 p.m. ET on Wednesday, I’ll be updating this regularly with signings, rumors, what have you. Keep checking out MLB.com for official stories as well as my preview on the dozen players (as of Monday morning) in the first round who haven’t signed.

The most recent signee is No. 14 overall pick Jason Heyward. The Georgia native, evidently, was thrilled to finally enter the Braves fold. Unofficially, Heyward’s bonus was $1.7 million, precisely the amount that No. 14 pick Travis Snider signed for a year ago with the Blue Jays. That’s only noteworthy because most bonuses have been a good 10% lower than last year, or at least lower than the suggested bonus for each slot in the first round.

Other news of note: The Braves will not be signing second-round pick Josh Fields. The University of Georgia pitcher had a rough junior season, prior to which  many thought the closer could sneak into the first round. He’s a Scott Boras client, for whatever that’s worth, and he’ll be headed back to the Bulldogs for his senior season. … While things with the Rangers and top pick Blake Beavan are still up in the air, it looked like supplemental picks Julio Borbon and Neil Ramirez would get done in time. They will not be signing fourth-rounder Garrett Nash, who will likely head to Oregon State. … Some other later picks to keep an eye on: Matt Harvey, the Angels’ third-round pick, could’ve been a first-rounder, but fell because of perceived bonus demands (he’s a Boras guy); Jack McGeary was taken by the Nationals in Round 6, but it’ll be hard to sign him away from a strong Stanford commitment; two Texas draft-eligible sophomores were taken in the fourth round, Kyle Russell by the Cardinals and Brad Suttle by the Yankees. Both teams do have the financial wherewithal to spend more to sign them, if they so choose.

More later…


Seems like the Rangers have a lot of work to do by Wednesday. Would you agree that it would be a major disappointment if they can’t get Beavan, Ramirez, and Borbon signed?

I think it would be a disappointment, yes. Major? I don’t know. At least they got Main in the fold quickly and he’s off to a good start. I think, in the end, they’ll get all three signed by Wednesday night.

Any news on Phillies Workman and Sampson?

No real news, other than that the Phillies are still working on both and expect negotiations to go up until the deadline on the 15th, in all likelihood. You’re dealing with some strong school commitments from both, with Workman slated to go to Texas and Sampson committed to the University of Washington.

Any update on if the Mets will sign Efferson? Is he still looking for a 7 figure bonus?

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