Some first-round chatter

As much as possible, I’ll try to hop on here and let you know about the latest rumors and chatter regarding draft picks. Here are some interesting tidbits to consider. None of these are officially confirmed and a lot can change between now and Wednesday night, but here goes:

  • The Orioles and No. 5 pick Matt Wieters are not going to get a deal done by the deadline. Word is Wieters is looking for a huge bonus plus a Major League deal and it’s a price tag that might prove to be too high for the O’s to pay.
  • The Diamondbacks have made an offer to Larry Reynolds, agent for first-round pick Jarrod Parker. From what I’ve heard, it’s a pretty fair offer and a good way to get things going. With picks 9-11 all high school pitchers someone had to go first. Maybe the D-Backs will enter the fray at No. 9 before the others do.
  • Madison Bumgarner could join Wieters as a non-signee. He and the Giants still appear to be kind of far apart
  • Finally, here’s a possible stunner, if it turns out to be true: There is a rumor that the Tigers and No. 27 pick Rick Porcello have agreed on a deal worth $7.7 million as part of a Major League contract.

More later…


Do you know if the Mets will sign Brandon Efferson?

I’m going to have to poke around on that one. I’ll let you know if I find anything out about the 17th rounder…

If the Tigers, Yankees, or some other teams go WAY over slot, what can MLB do? I see how it wrecks the system for all other teams, but you can’t force teams to go this -10% route. Can they? And what does it say to all those other players who have already “done the right thing” in mlb’s mind? I believe it just shows them, you don’t have to play by the rules. And to totally beat down the subject, what benefit is it for players to have these “advisers” who get a percentage if they really just sign for slot money? Everybody should just sign with the only guy getting teams to go significantly higher than slot.

I think we need to see how this new deadline plays out. If “one guy” — Boras — gets Porcello signed, but Wieters has to go back to school, is that a good deal for all players? The advisers will end up being their agents in the future and will negotiate future deals with them as well, so it’s not just this bonus that matters. Can MLB force teams to go that route? Define force — they could disapprove of a deal, I suppose, though that would be a pandora’s box of some sort, no?

Good Job Tigers if true, heck of a lot cheaper and better investment than signing some of these FA pitchers at 11-15 million a year, ie Gil M in Kansas City.

Hey Jonathan,

What is the latest with the Rangers and Beavan, Borbon, and Ramirez?

Also, any chance they get a deal done with John Gast (5th rounder)?


Someone is going to challenge this latest attempt at collusion in court, and they should win. There is no “slotting” in the CBA, and MLB has no business telling a team and a player how much they sign a contract for. Further, I’d like to see a player challenge the “signing deadline”. Why should they, who were not part of the bargaining for the CBA, be barred from practicing their profession because they won’t sign with a single team, by a certain date, that is restricted by pressure in how much they can offer. It’s called collusion and it is illegal.

Anything regarding the Mets and Efferson and/or Abshire?

Any word on the Nats signing Smoker or McGeary?

I have a question about compensation picks if a draftee is not signed. Is the compensation pick in addition to whatever pick the team already has? For example, if the Devil Rays don’t sign Price they’re supposed to get a similar pick next year (maybe #2?). But if they finish last again and get the #1 pick, does that mean they get the first two picks next year?

Ok, to answer — still looking into Efferson — no word yet. Also efforting to find out about Smoker. The Nats are trying to sell him on the new stadium, how the organiation is headed in the right direction. Last I heard on McGeary was they were trying to come up with some plan where he would go to Stanford part-time and join the organization at the same time. Turns out that wasn’t true. Nats liked his talent and decided to take a shot, knowing it would be a long shot. But no offer like that was ever made. Interestingly, that rumor may have affected negotiations with Smoker. … Compensation picks: Yes, the Devil Rays would get the top two picks if they don’t get Price and finish last.

If Porcello does sign with the Tigers to a Major League deal – how does that work in terms of free agency, etc. The deal is reported a 4-year deal. Once the 4 years are up, the Tigers still have control over him correct? And if it is a major league contract does that mean that the service clock starts ticking right away?

Signing a Major League contract means Porcello will be placed on the 40-man roster immediately, instead of not having to worry about that for a number of years. If it’s a four-year deal, that means he needs to be in the big leagues by that time or he can skip town, so to speak. The Tigers will still control him after the four years are up, assuming he’s in the big leagues and normal arbitration/free agency rules apply.

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