Not so fast

Here’s reason number one not to write, even in a blog, an unconfirmed report about a signing. Seems that Dominguez is not a done deal with the Marlins, not at $1.7 mil and not at any figure, from what I’m told by someone close to the negotiations. My guess is something gets done there, and very soon, but no one has signed on the dotted line as of yet…


Cut yourself some slack… you did say you hadn’t got confirmation. I’d rather hear some rumors here than nothing. You’re right, this isn’t a published article on paper, its a blog that you can quickly correct and post over top. (Just like you did) Thanks for keeping us updated. I’m checking back looking for some CF and pitching signings for Texas.

I think all three of those will get done, but it’s looking more and more like a bunch of these will come down to the wire in terms of being confirmed, done deals.

Everybody seems to think Beavan and N. Ramirez (1st & supplemental) sign with Texas but what about lhp John Gast (supposedly 1st round talent prior to injury) that was taken in the 5th?

Good question on Gast. I would debate whether he was a first round talent, but he’d have been a supplemental pick or second rounder, at worst. At any rate, it will be interesting to see if they can bring him into the fold and let him rehab with the organization, much like Nick Adenhart did with the Angels a few years back.

Now that Beavan is done, we can move on — I’ve heard they will not be signing Gast.

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