8 minutes and counting

Almost done now…whither Josh Vitters? And will there be any last-minute movement from Moustakas or Wieters…stay tuned.



are you shitting me?

I’m happy for you man honestly, really am and for the Royals if Callis hit this.

thanks man! It brings back the rays of hope for small market baseball!!! 🙂


Wow what a shocker huh!!!!

YES!!! Completely shocked!

That is outstanding.

There are ALOT of people over on the Royals blog that need to be heading over to the Hallmark Center and getting a bunch of “I’m Sorry” cards for Dayton, Boras, Moustakas and even the Glasses. Myself included.

Heck, I might even buy a card at Wal-Mart.

I will send Mike and Dayton a card, but the rest can kiss my ***.

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