Quite a flurry, eh?

Vitters signed for $3.2 million — that had to be impacted by Moustakas, no?

Our friends at Baseball America reported that Matt Wieters did sign in the end, for $6 million.

So all 30 first-rounders signed. Only sandwich pick I’m waiting to hear about is Julio Borbon.


Did Vitters have time to react to Moustakas? Was there enough time left – or did we here about Moustakas that much later than insiders.

Also, I am watching Baseball Tonight on ESPN – not one word about these signings. Not one word!

I like the quote from the O’s scouting director:

“They got the deal done,” said Orioles scouting director Joe Jordan. “You can tell the City of Baltimore that the old evil owner stepped up and took care of things tonight. We had to fight to the end.”

Apparently Angelos and MacPhail were up in Toronto working on this with Boras.

I’m a huge Joe Jordan fan. … I think Vitters must have had an inkling of what was going on, don’t you?

Jon, Whats the word on Harvey? He’s headed to UNC huh?

Jon, Whats going on with Borbon?

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