How about them Giants?

One of the iffier first-round picks seemed to be Madison Bumgarner at No. 10 overall, the first of the Giants’ three first-round picks. Well, cross him off. It was officially announced that the top high school lefty did indeed sign. San Fran has signed all of its top 29 picks and 45 of 52 overall. That’s a nice haul.  No word on bonus figures yet, but I’ll see if I can track that down later on. Here’s the official release if you’re interested.


What is your opinion of Bumgarner? From all accounts he seems like a blank canvas with plenty of potential…was wondering what you had heard?

Blank canvas probably isn’t fair, but he’s not the most polished, though he does have pretty good command of his fastball. He just doesn’t have much in the way of secondary pitches. But the Giants have **** Tidrow and he knows a thing or two about teaching young pitchers, so I think this is a good fit.

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