Late-round interest

Trying to tidy up here — some later signings/non-signings that are of interest…

  • The Nats signed 6th-rounder Jack McGeary. They’ll let the New England lefty go to Stanford and play for the org in between, according to reports. I don’t care how you slice it, the Nats flat out got it done in this draft.
  • While the Padres were a little disappointed in not sigining Tommy Toledo and, to a lesser extent, Christian Colon (they thought he’d be a tougher sign), they did come to terms with ninth-rounder Wynn Pelzer. Pelzer came into the year as one of the more intriguing closing candidates but had a bad year at South Carolina. The stuff is there, if the Pads can get it harnessed, this could be a nice get.
  • You have to feel for the Houston Astros. They didn’t even have a pick until the third round, then the weren’t able to sign their top two picks in rounds 3 and 4. No pressure on you, fifth rounder Colin DeLome.
  • Meant to mention this one a while ago. With all the talk about Mike Moustakas for the Royals, they made a quiet signing a couple of days ago, bringing 31st-round pick Keaton Hayenga into the fold. Normally, that wouldn’t matter much to most, but Hayenga was a pretty hot prospect in the Pacific Northwest and could’ve gone as high as the third round if he hadn’t hurt his shoulder.
  • Two Scott Boras clients who did not sign — Matt Harvey. A top talent who went in the third round to the Angels, they didn’t get close enough to get that done. So Harvey will become a Tar Heel in North Carolina. I’m told Julio Borbon didn’t sign with the Rangers, either. He was a sandwich pick and is the only player of the first 64 picks of the 2007 draft not to sign.

Well, folks, I believe that’s all she wrote for the draft deadline coverage. I’ll have an analysis piece on tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for checking in so frequently. Remember, the 2008 draft is less than 10 months away!


The Astros are a joke. How can they not have signed their picks (3 & 4)?? Did they really want WAY above slot???? They could have used all the money they saved from not having/signing rounds 1-4 on Chad Jones, but I guess he passed too. What a nickle and dime organization!!

I think they did want way above slot and I know that Dietrich also had a shoulder issue that was a little disconcerting. Not saying that the Astros shouldn’t have gotten one of them done, but the demands may have been out of whack for when they were drafted — just because a guy was the Astros’ first or second pick doesn’t mean they deserve first or second-round money.

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