Moustakas and Vitters are done!

Last minute shopping, folks.

Mike Moustakas has signed with the Royals. Bonus is believed to be $4 million, a nice chunk above slot.

Vitters, perhaps  waiting for that bit of news, is done as well.


John, just wanted to say awesome job with the weblog and and I will definitely be back next year dude!!


Yes, thanks Jon!!!

WOW – I figured they were offering above slot based on Dayton’s history since being here…but had my doubts!

did the following sign

Matt Dominguez, Josh Fields, Kyle Russell, and Matt Wieters?

… I always knew the Royals would get it done. Never had a doubt… I guess that’s why I’m not in charge. The lesson here is that amatuers should just stay out of the mix huh. Thanks for the Blogging John, it kept me busy and probably prevented atleast two or three arguments with my special lady friend. And I definetly didn’t need that.

also Julio Borbon, great work all day

Thanks for the blogging today, very well done. I managed to have a completely unproductive day at work and I feel great about it. GO ROYALS!

Dominguez signed, Fields did not, Russell did not, it appears Wieters did not, still waiting to hear on Borbon…

Thanks for the kind words, folks. It’s been fun.

Jim Callis reporting that Wieters signed at the last second!

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