No. 1 is done

I refuse to use some kind of Price play on words…

But David Price has signed with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. The details were figured out by around 5 p.m. ET. Here are the terms for the  No. 1 overall pick:

It’s a Major League deal that covers six years (2007-2012) and a total package of $11.25 million. The signing bonus is $5.6 million. Within the contract are minor league salaries that add up to $2.9 million and Major League salaries dding up to $5.65 million. A total of $8.5 million (the bonus plus the minor leaugue salaries) are guaranteed.

That only leaves No. 2 pick Mike Moustakas, No. 3 Josh Vitters, No. 5 pick Matt Wieters, No. 9 Jarrod Parker and No. 12 Matt Dominguez (I apologize for the earlier oversight) as unsigned of the top 30 picks.


Vitters Signed? I didn’t see that and Dominguez also?

Yeah, I haven’t seen anything on Vitters.

My bad — trying to be in two places at once — Vitters and Dominguez are not yet official.

Jonathan — any word on whether Price demanded to be added to the 40-man in his deal? And, do you think Boras will drop that requirement on Weiters in the wee hours?

And Parker? did he sign?

any word on the Royals and Moustakas getting closer?

Man, I need some sleep — Parker has not yet signed

As part of it being a Major League deal, Price will be on the 40-man roster from the get-go. I’m sure that was part of the deal from the starting point and I doubt that was too big of an issue for the Rays, not for a guy who should get to the big leagues quickly. … As for Moustakas, it’s still up in the air — last I heard was that he may not sign, but he may not be going to USC, either. Stay tuned…

Is the Dominguez signing a good sign for the Royals?

No — check out my latest blog update on the Moustakas situation

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