Parker is a D-Back

For those of you waiting on those final first-rounders, Jarrod Parker has finally agreed to terms with the Arizona Diamondbacks. He was the No. 9 overall pick, and the first high school arm selected in the draft. No info on bonus yet, but will be back when I find out more.

I’m back — word is it was a $2.1 million bonus.


great news!

Any word on Moustakas? As a lifelong Royals fan, its disheartening to watch a no. 2 draft pick go unsigned.
Do you think Boras wanted to send a message about the slotting and figured ‘What better team than the Royals?’ to prove his point. Maybe it will bring about some changes because teams like the Royals just can’t compete in this system.

i have been on the computer all day waiting for the vitters signing, any word on that?

preach on SMAX…Boras is a total cancer to small market baseball.

If any player signed with Boras, ever refers to playing “for the love of the game” – it is complete hypocracy and I hope they choke on those words.

Little high school brats who never even hit a baseball beyond the varsity level wanting over $5 mil without proving anything…total bologna.

No word on Moustakas — no movement that I’ve heard about. That’s a loaded question and I”m not sure what the answer is. He did, after all, deal successfully with the Royals a year ago. Also, does he need to send a message about slotting when it doesn’t seem to pertain to many of his players — i.e. Porcello, Brackman, etc. (only counting the ones from this year who’ve signed)

I don’t think you can hate Boras Casey. He is doing what is best for his clients which is why he is the best.

If teams have the money to pay these guys, who are we to say a kid doesn’t deserve 5 to 7 million? We can all list off a million contracts of free agents that are exorbinant.

More power to the kids if they can get the money they want and if the teams really did view it as a serious issue, then negotiate it in the next CBA somehow.

David Glass has the checkbook to make this happen, that is what is tough to deal with as a fan. I mean, Gil Meche for 55 mil (not that he isn’t worth it). The Royals took a shellacking in the media and by the other owners for that. They could really free up some cash by cutting their losses with, oh, I don’t know, Mike Sweeney.


I don’t hate Boras b/c he isn’t doing his job. I hate him b/c he is doing his job and doing it well. That is a disaster for small markets. Don’t tell me I can’t hate Boras.

“million contracts of free agents”

MY POINT is at least they did something to prove it. Do you know how many freaking flops there are in the draft – especially high school. Demanding over $5 mil for never even having hit a MLB baseball is ****!

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