Pheelin’ groovy

Not exactly marquee signings, but the Phils did end up signing two later-round guys. One, Julian Sampson, could have gone much higher, but slid to the 12th round because of some uneven performances and a commitment to the University of Washington. But the Phillies got it done for a reported $390,000. They also signed OF Cedric Johnson, their 19th round pick. He’s got a pair of brothers playing pro ball right now — Elliot’s with the Devil Rays and Leon’s with the Cubs.

It does not seem likely that the Phillies will sign their third rounder, Brandon Workman. He was deemed to be a bit of a tough sign to begin with because of a strong commitment to the University of Texas. Turns out to be true — Philly’s extended as much of an offer as they’re going to make, or so it seems — and it looks like Workman’s going to turn it down and head to Austin instead.


As a Philliesphan, I’m pretty happy with today’s signings. I would love to have added Workman too but the comp pick next year softens that a bit I guess.

Do you think the Phillies sign Mark Azdick or Carlos Moncrief?

No, I think the Phils are pretty much done, but not sure on those guys.

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