Story lines for the day

They are plentiful. Who would’ve thought we’d have so much to talk about on the final day? Nine unsigned first-rounders (including Porcello as a done deal), just shy of 14 hours left. Could be a doozy of a day.

To me, the key things to watch are obvious:

1. When will David Price sign? I’m not worried this one won’t get done, for some reason. It’s just a question of when and for how much.
2. Can the Royals get Mike Moustakas in the fold? This one seems a little up in the air still, though the Royals have shown a willingness to spend a little more money on those top picks.
3. Will the Orioles meet Matt Wieters‘ asking price? Or will Wieters come down some. Last I heard, they were talking Teixeira money, and that was a Major League deal worth $9.5 million or so. I think something’s gotta give for this one to happen.
4. What’s with picks 9-10-11. As explained earlier, they are tied together and I’m very curious to see how the Porcello deal wreaks havoc with bonus demands there.
5. Will the Yankees sign Andrew Brackman and his bad elbow?
6. Can the Rangers sign their two sandwich picks, Julio Borbon and Neil Ramirez. Both seem probable, with Ramirez the almost guaranteed deal. They are the only two supplemental first-rounders yet to sign.
7. What about some of those intriguing later-round picks. The Yankees haven’t signed three of their top four picks, with Brackman, second rounder Austin Romine and fourth rounder Brad Suttle still up in the air. Suttle and fellow Texas draft-eligible sophomore Kyle Russell (Cardinals) are two intriguing names — both in the fourth round — to watch as it will take  substantial above-slot bonuses to get those done.
8. Matt Harvey. The "forgotten" Boras client. Can the Angels work their magic and get that done?

I could go on and on, but I figured eight was, umm, enough. If you have storylines you think bear tracking, let me know in the comments.


Jonathan – according to Jeff Zrebiec from the Sun, Boras is looking for a little more than the $10.6 M that Tex got
(,0,1628037.story) while the Orioles’ offer is a little less than $6M. My feeling on this is that if the Orioles don’t move on their figure, the ill will that it will generate will cost them more than they think they are saving at this point. Personally, I think if they come back to Boras with a MLB contract with a $9M figure today, it will get done – that’s coming more than halfway on the distance that separates the two parties.

Thanks for the update. I was mistaken in Tex’s total deal — Asking the O’s to come up $3 mil just like that is a tall order. And expecting Boras to blink and come down from north of $10.6 mil may not be realistic. Really? Will there be that much ill will because the Orioles wouldn’t cave in and hand all that money to a guy who hadn’t seen a pro pitch? I know the team has had its troubles lately, but I don’t know if I’d hand over that much money to Wieters because of that. That being said, they knew what bed they were getting into when they drafted Wieters in the first place, didn’t they?

Hey Jonathan,

I was wondering if you had heard anything about the possible signings of Kevin Keyes (TEX), Christian Colon (Pads), or Matt Thomson (TOR)?

Have not heard on any of those three — will see what I can find out.

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