Projection time!

Hard for me to believe, but if you click on over to, you can find my first draft projection of the season. It’s for the first 10 picks and please be sure to take them with a grain of salt. It’s real early. But I do feel good about the names I have on the list. Picks 1-20 come a week from now.

If you’re too lazy to read all of it, here’s the list:

1. TB — Buster Posey
2. PIT — Pedro Alvarez
3. KC — Eric Hosmer
4. BAL — Brian Matusz
5. SF — Tim Beckham
6. FLA — Kyle Skipworth
7. CIN — Aaron Crow
8. CWS — Gordon Beckham
9. WAS — Justin Smoak
10. HOU — Tanner Scheppers

Questions, comments, smart remarks? Leave ’em below…


I know this is a crazy draft trying to organize the top talent, but how does Tim Beckham fall to #5? His contract demands can’t be worse than any of the others (right?) and he’s the best 5 tool talent (at SS!) available.

It’s not a question of bonus demands. Yes, he’s the top five-tool talent. It’s more about where he’d fit. If the Rays do indeed take Posey (and that’s still up in the air), I don’t think the Pirates will take him (though not out of the question) because they really need someone who’ll have an impact more quickly. For whatever reason, the Royals aren’t really on him. I think it’s possible the O’s would take him at 4, but that just wasn’t the direction I felt they were going in. Sometimes, it’s not that a guy slides…it’s just the way the cards fall, if that makes sense.

I don’t seem to like him as much as a lot of people, but I still don’t see how Smoak falls that far. And I don’t suppose it’s fair game to make fun of you for Scheppers at 10, since you posted this before the injury? Definitely can’t wait to see the top 20, I’m very interested to see where the Twins are leaning.

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