How the Crow Flies…

or…What’s love got to Matusz with it?

This one comes from Dennis in West Springfield:

Since this is most likely the last start for each pitcher before the draft, I’m
curious as to which dominant CGSHO performance today would impress you more. I
know you probably didn’t see either in person,
Missouri                  IP  H  R ER BB SO AB  BF 
………  9.0  3  0  0  5  10  29 35 122
Diego              IP   H  R ER BB SO AB
Matusz, Brian…….  9.0  3  0  0  1  10 
29 32
Crow was facing Ole Miss (37-25) while Matusz got California
I know that Crow was on the slide lately (but still in the top
10), but I’m wondering if this might get him reconsidered a little higher (maybe
KC or Baltimore)
p.s. — I couldn’t think
of an appropriate Schoolhouse Rock title for the email so I went with the old
Rocky and Bullwinkle double-barrelled alternative.

Dennis — First off, appreciate the effort with the title. Secondly, your comparison does bring up something interesting. Just how much can one last performance in a regional help or hurt someone? I don’t know that there’s a hard and fast answer to that. With Matusz, I don’t think it matters either way — he’s going to go where he’s going to go. That CG SHO isn’t suddenly going to make him the No. 1 pick.

For Crow, it might be interesting. I’d been hearing he was sliding, but perhaps not so much because of performance (though he had a mini-slump earlier). Word is he (well, his advisor) has been floating that they want a Major League contract and that’s why he’s dropped a few slots. Truth be told, though, I don’t see him dropping too far because of that and his regional start against Ole Miss (and Lance Lynn) certainly won’t hurt as teams in the top 10 (Cincy?) are considering him. That being said, I don’t see any teams higher than that taking him.

Some other interesting performances from possible top picks over the weekend of Regional play:

Buster Posey, FSU:  8-for-15, 5 HR,  12 RBI in four games (with one to play vs. Tulane tonight)

Justin Smoak, S. Carolina: 7-for-15, 2 HR, 6 RBI (USC season is over)

Yonder Alonso, Miami: 2-for-10, 4 BB as Miami advances

Gordon Beckham, Georgia: 8-for-18, 1 HR, 6 RBI (one to play vs. Ga. Tech)

More later…


One comment

  1. jfish26101

    Hey Jon, thanks again for the blog. So say Crow is asking for a ML deal and a team gives it to him, can you map out EXACTLY what the differences would be between the ML deal he might get and the normal deal he might get? I mean I know how the normal deal works but nobody on the net seems to agree on just what a ML deal means for the player and the club who gives it to him.

    I thought you have to place them on the 40 immediately using an option. That you used an option every year to send him down which means he is out of options after his 3rd year leaving him unprotected if he isn’t on the 25 man roster. I also thought that his arb clock started immediately making him arb eligible quicker and thus FA eligible quicker.

    Thanks again.

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