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Greetings from Orlando. I’m here at the Milk House at Disney’s Wide World of Sports and preparations for tomorrow’s draft are on-going. It’s amazing how much you can feel out of the loop when you spend several hours flying…But I’m catching up and starting to get some info. Here’s a little of what I’ve been hearing.

  • It appears fairly certain the Reds will be taking University of Georgia shortstop with the No. 7 overall pick. They’ve long been associated with a variety of college players, mostly bats (Yonder Alonso) and also RHP Aaron Crow, but it’s looking like the middle-infielder who’s had a monster season for the super-regional bound Bulldogs (.397, 24 HR, 65 RBI, 1.286 OPS, 17 SB) will be joining the Reds organization tomorrow.
  • This time of year, bonus demand rumors are flying around. Some of them are actual demands. Some are not. Some can be floated to try to get specific players down to specific teams. Whatever the reason, the biggest rumors in this regard are surrounding FSU catcher Buster Posey and Miami 1B Yonder Alonso. Whether that affects either’s draft status reamins to be seen.
  • How about a double-deal? While the Royals’ interest in Eric Hosmer at
    No. 3 overall gets most of the attention, they might have an interest
    in one of Hosmer’s teammates at American Heritage High School in
    Florida. Catcher Adrian Nieto has been on their radar for a while with
    later picks. The Royals have a pick in the sandwich round (36) and at
    the top of the second round (49) and perhaps may want to make it an
    American Heritage perfecta. Who knows, maybe taking Nieto will help
    make sure they can get the Scott Boras-advised Hosmer in the fold.

That’s it for now — it’ll be a long night and I’ll try to check in periodically.



    Jonathan, are you confident that Gordon Beckham will be there at #7 for the Reds?


    Does this blog accept comments?

    By the way, if it does, is there a way NOT to have your email address posted? I’d prefer to use a nickname but I don’t see a place to enter one.

  3. draft

    Not sure on the email address thing. And yes, comments are certainly encouraged. Sorry I didn’t see this, but obviously I was a bit busy right around draft time. As you well know now, Beckham was there at No. 7 for the Reds…but they opted for Alonso instead…

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