A picture is worth…

The draft, of course, is now officially over and the signing season has begun. I’ll be back as signings occur and with other news and notes, maybe even some early stuff on the 2009 class as some summer stuff gets going. For now, though, I leave you with this image of the 2008 Draft from down in Orlando…

Thumbnail image for draft board.JPG


If you are going to touch on some ’09 guys, can you revist my Ackley question? If not, that is cool to. Thanks for the updates over the past 6 weeks or so. I checked 4-5 times a week and will continue to next year if you keep this going. It was:
“I’m curious what you think of Dustin Ackley? His numbers his first 2 seasons have been pretty good but a lot of people on the net have expressed concerns about his transition to wood and where he is going to play. I personally used to think he could play 2B and be in a mold of say Chase Utley (not saying he would be as good as Chase just sort of that kind of player).”

why not start the July international free agent watch? that will be interesting

Sure, I can touch on Ackley — I even mentioned him in my brief rundown of players to watch for 2009. I’m guessing the concern is that he’s not your prototypical 1B type in terms of size and the fact that he hasn’t shown a ton of HR power in his first two years. He has, however, hit over .400 both seasons and slugged close to .600. Fifty walks and only 25 K’s last season…there’s clearly a lot to work with here. As for hitting with wood, we’ll get a good glimpse soon as he’s set to play for Harwich in the Cape Cod League.

International free agent watch? Not a bad idea. Not sure if it fits for this blog, but maybe over on my Minors blog (B3), which can be found at minors.mlblogs.com.

Thanks Jon.

Do you think Ackley is athletic enough to play 2B or 3B? I haven’t been able to see a whole game but I’ve seen clips and thought his defense might be able to be played elsewhere which might increase his value. I’m certianly not an expert though. Thanks again.

Have to admit, I’ve only seen him once, at a U.Va. game and was so focused on the 2008 draft class that wasn’t really keying in on his athleticism…

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