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Trying to find out which draft picks have signed with which teams is sometimes easier
saidthan done. There doesn’t seem to be a one-stop shopping place for such information. So I decided to try, as best I could, to become that signing warehouse. I’ll try to throw up links to official announcements of signings whenever I can. Let’s start with what I’ve been able to find thus far. Congrats to David Cooper for being the first first-round pick (top 30) to sign.

American League

Oakland: A’s sign 10 players
Texas: Rangers come to terms with 15
Toronto: Jays sign first-round pick Cooper | Jays signings

National League

Arizona: D-Backs sign 12 draft picks
Houston: Astros announce draft signings | Astros sign two more
Milwaukee: Brewers announce signing of 20 players
Philadelphia: Phillies sign seven
Pittsburgh: Pirates sign three | Pirates sign six more
St. Louis: Cards sign 30 picks | Cards signings
Washington: Nats sign 6 | Nats sign four more | Two more sign

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