Looking ahead

I promised a post on 2009, and I like to (most of the time), live up to my promises.

In the interest of full disclosure, the folks over at Baseball America beat me to this one, writing about the underclassmen showcase at the Urban Youth Academy on Monday. I was able to talk to a scout that was at the event, to get his take on the players there. Here’s what he had to say, echoing some of the BA report and adding some additional names.

The biggest buzz indeed was around Bryce Harper, who the scout I spoke with said would have been the best high school player in the 2008 draft. Alas, he won’t be eligible until 2011, so we’ll have to wait on him. As for 2009 draft class guys…

The A List
Tyler Matzek, LHP: Polished, fastball 89-91 mph, plus curve and changeup
Beau Wright, LHP: Fastball 89-91 with a hammer. He struck out all five batters he faced and made them look bad in the process.
Matt Hobgood, RHP: Big-bodies at 6-4, 240, with a power sinker at 91-94 mph to go along with a curve, slider and changeup

The B list
Cameron Garfield, C
James Needy, RHP: Didn’t pitch well, but has been seen better and has a live arm and a 6-foot-6 frame
Tanner Rust, C: A switch-hitting catcher. Is something.
Jacob Marisnick, OF: Compared to Hunter Pence. A little raw, but with plenty of tools.

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