Lawrie signs

Canada vs Nicaragua 036.JPGNo. 16 overall pick Brett Lawrie has officially signed with the Milwaukee Brewers. I’ve learned the bonus is for $1.7 million.

The Canadian high schooler is reportedly going to get the opportunity to catch as a pro. For now, he goes to Beijing for the Canadian Olympic Team as a Brewer. Here’s the statement from Lawrie that was included in the release:

“The signing is now complete and I am thrilled to be a Brewer. The team
was patient and supportive given my unusual summer with the Worlds and Olympics,
so I am thankful for that. I will be in Milwaukee shortly after the Olympics end
and am excited to see Miller Park and the city. As you can imagine, my sole
focus right now is the Olympics, yet it is so nice to know that I am now part of
the Brewer family and I look forward to meeting them all upon my return from

Wow, that was articulate… what do you think are the odds he actually said that? No matter — congrats to Lawrie and the Brewers for getting that done. Hopefully there will be more to come.

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