Late-round tidbit

While most of the attention will be on the big names at the top of the draft board (11 first-rounders are still unsigned), there will also be some interesting signings in the later rounds, guys lured away from college commitments by above-slot bonus deals. Case in point: JC Sulbaran.

One of the seemingly endless draftees from American Heritage High School (OK, 4 — Eric Hosmer, Adrian Nieto, Sulbaran and Joe Belviso), Sulbaran was taken in the 30th round by the Cincinnati Reds. He’s got a pretty strong commitment to Florida, but it now seems unlikely he’ll head to campus. Instead, it’s looking like the Reds and Sulbaran are very close to agreeing on a deal well above-slot. Stay tuned for the official word on that one in the not-too-distant future. Sulbaran is currently in China pitching for the Netherlands’ Olympic team.


Sulbaran did indeed sign today, for $500K. Why was it so imperative for the Brewers to sign Brett Lawrie before he left for China if the Reds were able to get Sulbaran’s deal done while he was in Beijing?

I don’t know that it was imperative — might just be the way Milwaukee wanted to handle it. It’s also possible the Lawrie camp wanted it done so it wouldn’t be a distraction for him. Remember, the spotlight on a first-rounder is a bit brighter than a 30th-rounder, even one over slot.

As for Sulbaran, I was able to get some more details from a source. He’ll get the most money the Reds have given any draftee this year, unless, of course, they sign Yonder Alonso. It’s broken down in to 2 payments — $250,000 this year, by the beginning of November, then another sum of the same amount by November 2009. Sulbaran will also get some college money and will be allowed to play for the Netherlands in the 2009 World Baseball Classic if the opportunity arises and he wishes to play. He’ll attend Reds instructs in the fall.

Here’s a blog entry about Sulbaran’s signing from his agent, if anyone’s interested.

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