Eric Hosmer update plus a Giants signing…

Getting close to the deadline now, so I’ll try to throw up some updates as I get them…

Expect the Royals to come to terms with their top pick Eric Hosmer, but don’t
expect too soon before the deadline. They’ve been through this before, and last
year’s negotations with high school hitter Mike Moustakas is particularly
similar. Don’t be surprised if Hosmer signs for a bonus figure north of
Moustakas’ $4 million…

No, the Giants signing isn’t Buster Posey. I think all those college bats up top are waiting to hear what the Pirates and Pedro Alvarez are planning… Word is they’ve come to terms with fourth-rounder Brandon Crawford. The UCLA product was once thought to be one of the better college shortstops, but a poor Cape season last summer lead to a subpar junior season, sliding him to the fourth round. No confirmation on the bonus amount, but a source told me it was in the $375,000 range.


The Giants signed Roger Kieschnick too.

And now they’ve signed Posey as well. Busy few days, but they have everyone important signed now (got news from SJ Merc):

* Posey gets in neighborhood of $7.5M, which when I think of it, is more where it should have been, not the $5-6M that I thought he would get, because slots were up 20% this year over last, and 20% added to $6M (Wieters got $6M) is $7.2M

* Kieschnick got $525,000 or $40K over slot

* Crawford got $375,000 or $92K over slot.

I hope these signings stop the Naysayers mistaken assertions that the Giants are cheap and wouldn’t go over slot. The Giants have been generous before, like giving Lincecum $200K over slot, and I think about the same for Bumgarner too.

Of course, giving Posey over $7M is way over slot even if he were the first pick, but given his achievements this year both in hitting and winning awards, can be justified. It’s certainly closer to the $6M Weiters got than the $12M he was rumored to be asking for.

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