Above-slot in higher rounds

Happens every year and this one is no exception. I’ve reported on some earlier, but as we get close to the deadline, a bunch more are getting done. Here are some of the interesting ones:

Second Round

Tampa — Kyle Lobstein for $1.5 million
San Diego — James Darnell for $740,000
Cleveland — Curtis Haley for $1.25 million

Fourth Round

Kansas City — Tim Melville for $1.25 million
Boston — Peter Hissey for $1 million

Fifth Round

Cleveland — Zach Putnam for $600,000
Boston — Ryan Westmoreland for $1.6 million

Sixth Round

Pittsburgh — Robbie Grossman for $1 million
Minnesota — Brett Hermsen for $650,000

Seventh Round

Chicago — Jordan Danks for $525,000

We’ll get a better sense of what that means when the dust settles, but the first thing that jumps out at me is that the Pirates gave $1 mil to their sixth-rounder and $900,000 to their 20th-round pick (Quinton Miller). Could that be a sign to Pedro Alvarez and the Boras Corp that they’re ready to spend their money elsewhere? Less than three hours to have that one answered.


If a guy like Alvarez doesn’t get signed and goes back to school, does that have an effect to where he might get drafted next year?

I actually like the moves the Pirates are making under new GM Neil Huntington. This was a guy that was a top talent evaluator with the Indians and he really knows what he’s doing.

With their President being one of the guys that created the slotting system, I can’t see how, in his first year with the Pirates, he would sign Alvarez that much above-slot.

Well, he went way above slot with Grossman and Miller. Remember, Frank Coonelly created the slotting system because that was his job in the Commissioner’s Office. Now he’s the president of the Pirates and he’s going to do what he thinks is right for the Pirates. He’s not going to forget everything he did, but if he feels it makes sense for the long-term success of the organization, he’ll sign off on it, I think.

As for Alvarez, it would depend on what kind of senior year he had. Matt LaPorta went back to school (he had a bad, injury-plagued junior season and didn’t go No. 2 overall) and ended up in the top 10 last year. So it could not affect him. The risk, of course, is getting hurt or under-performing.

Well I can’t imagine Olivarez beating out Strasburg for #1 overall next year unless he just has an amazing senior season. I really don’t see any way possible he can improve his draft stock. If he goes back to school, I think that means he either doesn’t like the situation with the Pirates or enjoys school enough to take a risk like leaving 8 mill on the table hoping for more. There is Ackley, Green and some of the HS guys look good to (Maddox, Matzek, etc) so I just really don’t see him improving his situation by going back to school. This is probably another case of Boras suggesting a player do something that isn’t a very smart idea for their career. I really think the guy has a hard time weighing a player’s overall future vs. their immediate future and is far to short sighted in his negotiations for his draft players. I can at least understand playing hard ball like this when your players have actually performed a little and shown their value to their teams but it gets a bit riduculous asking for upwards of 10 mill and a MLB contract for a HS player which is what this is going to come to soon. 😦

Wow…have no idea how that ended up Olivarez. That should be Alvarez.

Alvarez isn’t a high school player, but I agree with you to an extent. Boras probably has screwed up or at least stunted the careers of some prospects by holding out for the most money. But at the same time, Boras knows what he’s doing and he’s the best at it. With him it’s about money, not loyalty and in my opinion I don’t think he cares much about his clients with anything that doesn’t involve money.

I’m aware he isn’t a HS player…nowhere did I say he was.

I thought that last line you wrote was talking about Alvarez still, my bad.

I agree — I don’t think Alvarez could improve his stock — at best, he’d be roughly the same. But guys who play at Vandy do love it there — and education is important to him and his family — so he wouldn’t be crushed by going back there. That being said, I think it gets done when all is said and done.

Care to comment on your opinion of Boras? 😀 Probably wouldn’t be to wise of you but I thought I’d ask! Haha I understand his job is to get his clients paid but some of his advice he gives these young players really bothers me. I don’t even think Alvarez should have the option to go back to school since this advisor crap is complete BS. /me shrugs

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