Buster Posey update

The latest news on this one is that there’s a deal basically in place, but it won’t be officially announced until midnight ET. Rumor I’ve heard is that it’ll be something like $6.75 million and a big-league deal. At the same time, I’m hearing that the report is definitively not true. Go figure…

Could that free things up for the college bats behind Posey to get done? Perhaps. Buzz was that Yonder Alonso had come down from his early high demands in recent hours and even if the previously reported Smoak rumor isn’t wholly accurate, if Alonso gets done, then Smoak will as well.

The main issue is that the Alonso and perhaps the Smoak camps were looking for money similar to what Posey was getting. But as first basemen, do they have a leg to stand on? Posey plays a premium position, Alonso and Smoak do not, and you can bet the Reds and Rangers will point that out as they continue to try to hammer it out.

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