Less than two hours and counting…

Not a whole lot of movement going on with the remaining first rounders, but here’s what I’ve been hearing:

No. 2 Pedro Alvarez: Nothing doing there right now. Last I heard was Boras/Alvarez was looking for Teixeira money (close to $10 mil and a big-league deal) and, well, the Bucs weren’t budging, perhaps setting a ceiling of $8 mil.

No. 3 Eric Hosmer: Nothing new here than what I reported recently. Royals still feel it’ll get done and it’s looking like it’ll be north of what Mike Moustakas got last year ($4 mil). How far north remains to be seen, and whether ownership will OK it is another issue.

No. 5 Buster Posey: Still no official deal on the FSU catcher. Not sure on the hold up, but it’s causing some other logjams…

No. 7 Yonder Alonso: This one is being held up by the Giants and Posey.

No. 11 Justin Smoak:
  This might be the next one to become official. Word was a deal between Smoak and the Rangers was imminent, that it would be north of $3 million and would likely include a big-league deal. Rangers said no such deal is forthcoming, but we’ll see…

No. 20 Josh Fields: Nothing here, but as I mentioned, not as much pressure as the M’s would control his rights for longer.

No. 23 Allan Dykstra: Injury + Boras= bad news. This is the one guy I’d say won’t sign by deadline time.

No. 28: Gerrit Cole: Yankees said this isn’t going to happen. Why don’t I trust that 100 %


It’s hard for me to imagine that the Pirates don’t sign Alvarez. Anything new on Scheppers?

Also, with me being a Wake Forest fan I’d love to have Dykstra back in Winston-Salem but I hate that he hasn’t been able to come to a deal with the Padres

Hearing something on Scheppers — trying to find out for sure — will get back to you on that —

Scheppers thing turned out to be nothing…sorry to sound the alarm there…

No problem, I appreciate all the efforts to pass everything along

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