Ready for a wild night?

OK, folks. Who’s ready for the next few hours? We’ve got just over three and a half of them until the deadline. With Brian Matusz coming to terms with the Orioles, that leaves us with nine unsigned first rounders:

2. Pedro Alvarez
3. Eric Hosmer
5. Buster Posey
7. Yonder Alonso
9. Aaron Crow
11. Justin Smoak
20. Josh Fields
23. Allan Dykstra
28. Gerrit Cole

I’ll be here right up until the deadline as we get up to midnight ET. Have fun everyone — and leave comments if you’ve got things to say.


MLB really needs to work on a better system than their current slotting format. There is just too much power given to agents and it really benefits the high revenue teams. When you don’t see the best players being drafted 1st, it’s obvious there is a problem and I hope this can get fixed in the next couple years.

Any word on Aaron Crow? Will Bowden budge?

We’ll see if the power shifts now. If teams hold their line and don’t budge, either not signing guys or making agents blink, that’ll be a good move in the right direction.

Nothing on Crow as of now. Will effort to uncover more.

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