Final wrap up for the night

Well, that’s about all she wrote, folks. In the end, three first-rounders not signed (Josh Fields still can get done, though). To me, what has struck me the most is that most teams appeared to hold their ground. Yes, players got well above-slot in many instances, but considering what some of the demands were at one point in time (Aaron Crow being the exception — and don’t necessarily believe those reports that they were THAT close), I think this was a success for the organizations. First off, teams took who they wanted, when they wanted  (Pittsburgh with Alvarez, KC with Hosmer, San Francisco with Posey and on down), regardless of those demands. And then, they really didn’t blink.

The biggest case of that is the big-league contract. Or the lack thereof. In the top 10, only LHP Brian Matusz and 1B Yonder Alonso got Major League deals. Alvarez and Posey, in particular, are the ones that jumped out at me as surprises. Yes, I know, they got $6 million or more — how will they ever survive — but to not have to put these guys on 40-man rosters right from the get-go gives these organizations much great flexibility in terms of how long they’ll have these players under control. And while $6 million and the other bonuses are nothing to sneeze at, considering we were talking “Mark Teixeira money” for some (Alvarez), $7 million and big-league deal for others (Alonso), even $10 million for Posey early on, I think those teams did well to get their deals done. But that’s just my two cents worth and I’m sure agents can claim victory based on the large bonuses they delivered. Hey, maybe it’s a win-win?

I’ve got some catching up to do here, with 2009 reports on the Area Code Games, AFLAC and the Baseball Factory (UnderArmour All-American) game at Wrigley Field, not to mention Cape League updates, etc. So check back here in about a week for a head start on next year’s draft…

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Thanks for all your updates Jonathan, they’ve been much appreciated. My White Sox have done a pretty good job I think, first 12 picks signed and only really missed out on one potential impact guy in Kyle Long.

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