No Cole for Yanks

By now you know this, but I’m killing time
waiting to hear on Alvarez and Hosmer…


What kind of compensation pick do the Yankees get from this??

They will get 1 pick lower than where Cole went. It will be a few slots lower too bc of crow and others

So they will have two first round picks in 08?

yep. nats will get a top 3 pick and and another top 10 pick

will the yankees get anything if Bittle goes unsigned?… and also what about compensations if guys like Giambi, Damon, and/or Abreu leave in free agency

Giambi and Abreu will be type A most likely. which means if a non top 15 drafting team sign them then they will get that teams 1st PLUS a compensetory #1 before the start of round 2. Damon would be a B I would think. Not sure on Bittle. I hope that helps. I am not 100% sure though on the type they will be

Couple of things Giambi , Damon and Abreu would have to be offered Arbitration by the Yankees for any Compensation to take place… based on their age and the seasons that they have had there is a very good possibility all 3 would jump at the chance to re-sign thru arb. with the Yankees, this may or may not be what the club wants. So, they have decisions to make there.

Another way to get compensation would be for another club to jump in and sign one of these players before the Arbitration eligible date in Early December… I’m thinking none of these players are the type you would need to jump on before that date and sign to a contract if you like them. You could get Giambi and Damon for sure afterwards. Abreu could be tempting for someone, but again a club would be surrendering a 1st round pick unless they are in the top 15 picks in the 1st round and then would surrender their 2nd round selection to them.

For Cole, they will receive comp at their same draft position(2008) + 1 spot. For the 2nd round pick Bittle(2008) the same rule applies.

Regarding the Yankees and who will be a free agent this upcoming offseason:

Bobby Abreu will definitely be a free agent. So will Andy Pettitte, the newly acquired Ivan Rodriguez, and Mike Mussina.

Johnny Damon is NOT going to be eligible for free agency. He will be in the last year of that 4-year contract the Yankees gave him before the 2006 season(2006-2009). Same goes for Hideki Matsui.

Jason Giambi, Carl Pavano, and the newly acquired Damaso Marte all have options for 2009.

Giambi’s is for $22 million with a $5 million buyout–the Yankees are almost guaranteed to buy him out, making him a free agent. But do they offer him arbitration, since he might accept it?

Pavano’s option being bought out is as near a certainty as the sun rising tomorrow. Bank on it(it only costs $1.95 million to buy out his 2009 option, per Cot’s Baseball Contracts). But Pavano being a free agent does nothing for them–he wouldn’t even be a Type F free agent(and I know, they don’t have Type F free agents–that was a joke!)

Marte has a $6 million option for 2009 with a $250,000 buyout. My guess is that the Yankees will pick his option up, since they can always trade him before the July 31st trading deadline.

So, ultimately, that leaves 4 definite free agents who I think the Yankees would offer arbitration to: Abreu(who will likely catch on elsewhere), Pettitte(who would decline then negotiate with the Yankees anyway), Pudge(who will be looking for a starting catcher job–back to Florida?), and Mussina(same as Pettitte). Plus Giambi, who’s more of a risk to offer arbitration to.

All this IMHO, of course. 😉

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