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Pedro and Hosmer

It’s 25 minutes past the deadline, and still
no definitive word on the No. 2 and 3 picks in the draft…
crazy stuff, no?

No Crow

I’ve just learned the Washington Nationals
did not sign RHP Aaron Crow. They did, however, come to terms
with 15th rounder J.P. Ramirez. I’m told they are very happy
with their draft and the scouting staff is already dreaming
about having two top-10 picks in 2009.

Smoak terms

BA is reporting deal is for $3.5 million…confirmed by our own. T.R. Sullivan

Dykstra signs

As reported over on BA, Allan Dykstra has indeed signed with the Padres. They reported it was for $1.15 mil, below what at one point I had heard was offered by the organization. Guess the medical reports cut the price down some…

Still trying to find out about Alvarez and Hosmer in particular…

More on Smoak

TR Sullivan, our fine Rangers reporter, let
me know the Rangers got Smoak done without giving him a
big-league deal…

Josh Fields

Isn’t going to happen tonight… they have until next may.

Still waiting on Alvarez, Hosmer, crow and Dykstra…

Buster Posey is done

I’ve just learned that the Giants have a
done deal with No. 5 pick Buster Posey. Again, details to
come, but expect a big-league deal…

Smoak signs…

The domino effect is indeed happening.
Justin Smoak has officially signed… details to

More on Alonso

It is indeed a Major League deal and it’s for $4.5 million. Well, heard it’s $4 mil and “some perks,” but you get the idea…

Yonder Alonso signs

The Reds and Yonder Alonso have come to
terms. Details forthcoming — Baseball America reporting a
Major League deal is part of it … could this pave the way
for Smoak?