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Above-slot in higher rounds

Happens every year and this one is no exception. I’ve reported on some earlier, but as we get close to the deadline, a bunch more are getting done. Here are some of the interesting ones:

Second Round

Tampa — Kyle Lobstein for $1.5 million
San Diego — James Darnell for $740,000
Cleveland — Curtis Haley for $1.25 million

Fourth Round

Kansas City — Tim Melville for $1.25 million
Boston — Peter Hissey for $1 million

Fifth Round

Cleveland — Zach Putnam for $600,000
Boston — Ryan Westmoreland for $1.6 million

Sixth Round

Pittsburgh — Robbie Grossman for $1 million
Minnesota — Brett Hermsen for $650,000

Seventh Round

Chicago — Jordan Danks for $525,000

We’ll get a better sense of what that means when the dust settles, but the first thing that jumps out at me is that the Pirates gave $1 mil to their sixth-rounder and $900,000 to their 20th-round pick (Quinton Miller). Could that be a sign to Pedro Alvarez and the Boras Corp that they’re ready to spend their money elsewhere? Less than three hours to have that one answered.


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