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Late-round tidbit

While most of the attention will be on the big names at the top of the draft board (11 first-rounders are still unsigned), there will also be some interesting signings in the later rounds, guys lured away from college commitments by above-slot bonus deals. Case in point: JC Sulbaran.

One of the seemingly endless draftees from American Heritage High School (OK, 4 — Eric Hosmer, Adrian Nieto, Sulbaran and Joe Belviso), Sulbaran was taken in the 30th round by the Cincinnati Reds. He’s got a pretty strong commitment to Florida, but it now seems unlikely he’ll head to campus. Instead, it’s looking like the Reds and Sulbaran are very close to agreeing on a deal well above-slot. Stay tuned for the official word on that one in the not-too-distant future. Sulbaran is currently in China pitching for the Netherlands’ Olympic team.