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Latest buzz

Greetings from Orlando. I’m here at the Milk House at Disney’s Wide World of Sports and preparations for tomorrow’s draft are on-going. It’s amazing how much you can feel out of the loop when you spend several hours flying…But I’m catching up and starting to get some info. Here’s a little of what I’ve been hearing.

  • It appears fairly certain the Reds will be taking University of Georgia shortstop with the No. 7 overall pick. They’ve long been associated with a variety of college players, mostly bats (Yonder Alonso) and also RHP Aaron Crow, but it’s looking like the middle-infielder who’s had a monster season for the super-regional bound Bulldogs (.397, 24 HR, 65 RBI, 1.286 OPS, 17 SB) will be joining the Reds organization tomorrow.
  • This time of year, bonus demand rumors are flying around. Some of them are actual demands. Some are not. Some can be floated to try to get specific players down to specific teams. Whatever the reason, the biggest rumors in this regard are surrounding FSU catcher Buster Posey and Miami 1B Yonder Alonso. Whether that affects either’s draft status reamins to be seen.
  • How about a double-deal? While the Royals’ interest in Eric Hosmer at
    No. 3 overall gets most of the attention, they might have an interest
    in one of Hosmer’s teammates at American Heritage High School in
    Florida. Catcher Adrian Nieto has been on their radar for a while with
    later picks. The Royals have a pick in the sandwich round (36) and at
    the top of the second round (49) and perhaps may want to make it an
    American Heritage perfecta. Who knows, maybe taking Nieto will help
    make sure they can get the Scott Boras-advised Hosmer in the fold.

That’s it for now — it’ll be a long night and I’ll try to check in periodically.

The Rumor Mill

It’s a-rolling hot and heavy these days. Here’s the thing, it’s nearly impossible to tell what’s legitimate and what’s hogwash (always wanted to use that word). Here’s what I’ve heard tossed out there today. Take it or leave it at your own risk. Hopefully, in the coming days I’ll be able to sort some of this out. But here are some tidbits.

  • The Rays have narrowed their choice to either Buster Posey or Pedro Alvarez. Some I spoke to thought it might just be propoganda, so proceed carefully here. The Rays haven’t said anything about cutting names from the original five. If they take Alvarez, the idea would be to move Evan Longoria to second base when the time comes, which could be right around when Mr. Iwamura’s contract runs out.
  • The Orioles top choices remain the top college arm in Brian Matusz and one of the better college bats in Justin Smoak. But there’s some talk of there being a third candidate, a “dark horse” if you will. No idea who that is at this point, but something tells me one of the Beckhams does not count as a dark horse.
  • The Chicago White Sox, while looking hard at some of the corner infield power bats — namely Justin Smoak or Yonder Alonso — are also looking at a power arm. Word has it that GM Kenny Williams is in Stillwater, Oklahoma this weekend for the regional hosted by Oklahoma State. At that regional is Texas Christian University, whose closer is power-armed Andrew Cashner, the fast-rising reliever who’s been hitting the upper 90s as a short man, but has the size and delivery to make many think he can be a frontline starter.

That’s all I got for right now. As I do, remember to take any and all of these items with at least one grain of salt.