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No Crow

I’ve just learned the Washington Nationals
did not sign RHP Aaron Crow. They did, however, come to terms
with 15th rounder J.P. Ramirez. I’m told they are very happy
with their draft and the scouting staff is already dreaming
about having two top-10 picks in 2009.

Aaron Crow update

Oops, somehow managed to forget No. 9 pick Aaron Crow. It’s always hard to know what’s posturing and what’s actually going on, but things appear to be at a stalemate right now. Here’s the issue as I understand it: The Nats don’t want to go above — or far above slot — with this pick. The Crow camp (the Hendricks Brothers) feel he deserves more than that and made it clear prior to the draft (there were rumors to this effect on draft day) that they did not want to stay within the slotting system. As a result, there’s no deal as of now and with time running short, it might not happen at all.